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MASKS required during treatment.

Welcome! I'm glad to report the clinic continues to remain open for in person appointments. We are requiring patients to have received Covid-19 Vaccinations, including Booster and require masking. I will also continue to offer Telehealth as an option for treatment. In a continued attempt to mitigate any community spread and for the safety of our patients, staff and community, we continue to follow CDC guidelines.  I will continue to monitor and reassess the situation and recognizing further modifications may be necessary along the way.  Thank you for your patience with the situation, as we are doing our best to navigate this continued situation, in a safe and healthy manner. Remember kindness and compassion will help all of us through! 


For the most updated resources on COVID-19 please see the link below:


CDC Recommendations 

For the most updated list of COVID-19 cases in MA please see the link below: 


Check our facebook page for most accurate updates. 

Our Services:
  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • ​Sports Injury Recovery

  • Joint Replacement Treatment

  • Spine Treatment: Neck, Thoracic and Lower Back Pain

  • Shoulder Rehabilitation

  • Lower Extremity Care: Hip, Knee and Foot/Ankle

  • Balance Retraining 

  • Fall Prevention

  • Chronic Pain Issues

If you are sick or showing any signs of COVID-19:

Fever, Cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, sore throat, headache, Flu-like symptoms, altered/loss of taste or smell.

Been in contact with someone who has tested Positive for COVID-19



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Where To Find Us

IOPT is dedicated to providing high-quality physical therapy for people from all backgrounds and we welcome diversity: racial/ethnic, age,

socio-economic, sexual orientation and gender identity. We work to

create a supportive environment for all. Differences make us special.  

​​​​​To ALL veterans, your families and loved ones...THANK YOU!

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